Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Kids

14 Fun Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fun Halloween Paper Plate CraftsHere’s 14 Fun Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Kids to make this Halloween. I really love working with paper plates because they’re cheap to buy and you can do so many different things with them. Just take a look at these Halloween Craft Ideas and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Most of these Paper Plate Halloween craft ideas should only take around 15 minutes to complete although the threading ones may take a little longer depending on the age of the kids making them.

Pssst… And I’ve also added ‘How To’ video links to each of the craft ideas so you can totally look like an expert 🙂

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14 FUN Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Spooky EyePaper Plate Spooky Eye

These colorful Paper Plate Spooky Eyes look great and are so easy to make.

And if you use non-toxic paint and markers your kids can use them as normal paper plates during your Halloween festivities.

Your kids will love them!


Paper Plate SkullPaper Plate Skull

Yes, this Paper Plate Skull is actually made from a single paper plate. We just use scrunched up tissue paper to decorate the plate.

And if you want to make a hanging mobile with them be sure to decorate the back as well.

This is one of the most popular Paper Plate Halloween Crafts for Kids.


Paper Plate BatPaper Plate Bat

This Paper Plate Bat would look great taped to a window during Halloween. Or make a few and hang them from tree branches so they catch the wind.

And they would look great in the same tree as the paper plate ghosts as seen below.

Paper Plate GhostPaper Plate Ghosts

You could either hang these paper plate ghosts from a tree, or attach them to a pole. And as they catch the wind they’ll create a spooky effect, especially at night.

Add a few scary spooky sound effects and your garden display is complete 🙂


Paper Plate WitchPaper Plate Witch

You can’t have Halloween without making some awesome Paper Plate Witch Craft. Witches are another common symbol of Halloween, although everyone seems to want to dress up as super heroes these days.

Oh, and this is definitely a Good Witch 😀

Paper Plate FrankensteinPaper Plate Frankenstein

This is a really cool Paper Plate Frankenstein craft idea and it wouldn’t take much to turn it into a mask.

And if you really wanted to make this Frankenstein look really crazy then add some large googly eyes.

Ha ha ha!


Easy Paper Plate GhostEasy Paper Plate Ghost

These Paper Plate Ghost Wind Catchers will spend hours twirling in the wind and are super easy to make.

You’ll just need a couple of paper plates, scissors and some markers. What could be easier?

Paper Plate MummyPaper Pate Mummy

I love craft ideas that use threading as the central theme, and this Paper Plate Mummy is perfect to teach kids about threading.

And although this is a Halloween craft idea, you could easily turn the ghost into a spider web and draw on a little spider.

Paper Plate PumpkinPaper Plate Pumpkin

Once you’ve made one Paper Plate Pumpkin you’ll want to make a few more just to try different Pumpkin face designs.

And when you’re really happy with the look of the design, it’ll be easy to translate your ideas onto a real pumpkin.


Paper Plate SpiderPaper Plate Spider

This is the first of the Paper Plate Spider’s and it’s made from a paper plate and uses paper strips for legs. And your kids can have a lot of fun adding on as many googly eyes as they like.

Spiders have 8 eyes but who’s counting.

Paper Plate CatPaper Plate Cat

This awesome Halloween Paper Plate Craft Idea is made from a single paper plate, and some pipe cleaners. And I know you’re kids will love the end result, especially if they love black cats.

Now the question is, are they lucky or unlucky?



Paper Plate Candy Corn Garland

Paper Plate Candy Corn Garland

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without candy corn would it? Well if you live in America, you’ll know what I’m talking about, but for the rest of the world we just have to wonder what the fuss is about.

Candy Corn is a popular Halloween Treat and was once the most popular candy for handing out to kids doing trick or treat, although this has more recently been surpassed by mini chocolate bars. Regardless the Candy Corn image will live on for years to come.


Bouncing Paper Plate SpiderBouncing Paper Plate Spider

Here is the second of our Spider Paper Plate Halloween Crafts. This Paper Plate Spider is made with a single paper plate and uses pipe cleaners for the legs.

It’s a super easy Paper Plate Halloween Craft idea and would be perfect for pre-preschoolers.

Paper Plate Spiderweb

Paper Plate Spiderweb

It you need a kids craft idea that takes  a little more time then consider this easy paper plate spiderweb.

You’ll just need a hole punch to make the holes and then just let the kids at it.

Colored yarn also makes for an interesting pattern.

So these are just a few of our Halloween Crafts for Kids and for more inspiration don’t forget to check out our other kids craft ideas on YouTube.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed these Paper Plate Halloween crafts for kids.  If you have some great variations on this craft idea then please feel free to leave them in the comments below. And here are some more Halloween Crafts for you to enjoy.

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