Toilet Roll Crafts for Kids

15 Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for KidsIf you’re looking for a way to use your empty toilet paper roll tubes then check out these awesome toilet paper roll crafts for kids.

These fun and colorful ideas will keep your kids entertained for hours and the materials they’ll need are usually hanging around the house. So for a rainy day kids activity or even for some school holiday fun, be sure to give these craft ideas a try.

15 Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

There are so many different ways to use empty toilet paper rolls, so here are some of the best ideas we’ve put together for you. Of course, you can just use these ideas for inspiration but just in case you need just a little extra help, they all come with a full work instruction video, taking you step-by-step through the complete process.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Pokemon Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Pokemon Toilet Paper Roll CraftPokemon is always popular with the kids, and more recently the Pokemon Go craze is HOT! right now. But sadly Pokemon Go is only for the big kids who own a smartphone or is it?

With these Pokemon Toliet Paper Roll Crafts, a Pokeball and a pretend phone your kids can play make-believe Pokemon GO without pestering you for an actual phone.

Pokemon Pikachu – This arguably the most popular Pokemon character that every boy and girl must own and it’s really easy to make. Watch the video to see how.

Pokemon Gengar – This cute purple Pokemon ghost is a lot friendly than he looks, and you just a little paint and some pens to create this really cool Pokemon character.

Pokemon Eevee – Eevee is simply made from plain empty toilet paper roll tubes and some spare paper offcuts. Super easy to make and you’ll need very few extra craft items.

Pokemon Charmander – This first level Pokemon is ready to take on any Pokemon battle, but with a little imagination, you can evolve this Pokemon into a Charizard.

Pokemon Squirtle – Who would have though you could make a toilet paper roll look like a turtle? Well, this cute Squirtle is made simply with some colored paper wrapped around an empty toilet roll.


Pokemon Rowlett – This is one of the newer Pokemon characters from the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, and it’s both a Pokemon character and Owl Toilet Paper Roll Craft idea. How can you go wrong?

However, since it’s so new, we’re still waiting for this one to hatch, so check back again soon.

If you can’t wait to see what Rowlett looks like then check out the main Pokemon Crafts image above, for some inspiration.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Halloween Craft

Halloween is a great time to make some easy crafts for kids and these toilet paper roll Halloween inspired animals are going to look good in any Halloween display.

Toilet Paper Roll Spider – Make a few of these creepy creatures and buy some fake cobwebs to hang them in.

Toilet Paper Roll Cat – These cute black cats can be made in different sizes and using a little imagination whilst painting the face can give these cats many different personalities; Happy Cat, Sad Cat, Grumpy Cat, Sly Cat, Amazed Cat and Sleepy Cat to name a few.

Toilet Paper Roll Bat – An even easier Halloween craft idea is the Toilet Paper Roll Bat as seen in this video. You just need a little paint, stick on eyeballs and some extra card for the wings. Make one or make many and use a paper plate to make a full moon for your display.

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Paper Roll Penguins – These adorable toilet paper roll penguins are easy to make and can be made in different sizes by simply cutting down empty toilet paper rolls. So why not make a whole family instead of making just one.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies – With a little scrapbooking paper and some empty toilet rolls you can create these awesome looking toilet paper roll butterflies. And to complete the effect, you can hang them by some fishing line and have them flying through the air.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus – Or should that be Octopi? These cute sea creatures are perfect for an underwater scene and work really well with the Paper Plate Fish featured elsewhere on this blog.

Ninja Turtle Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Cowabunga Dudes! These four Ninja Turtle Toilet Paper Roll craft ideas are perfect for the boys and girls who like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And this easy craft idea can be repeated with different colored masks to make all the Ninja Turtles.

Other Toilet Roll Craft Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters – Grrr, Burp, Meow. These Toilet Paper Roll Monsters are a great way to allow kids to explore their creative side. There are no wrong ideas here as monsters can take all different shapes and sizes. Just provide plenty of empty toilet rolls, colored paper, googly eyes and wool and leave them to create.

Toilet Paper Roll Houses – If monsters will give your kids bad dreams at night then these cute little houses might be a better idea. Plus they are just the right size houses for any lonely Shopkins that might be hanging around.

If you’ve got other Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts you’d like to share, then please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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