ABC Phonics

ABC Phonics | Learn to Read with Paper Roll Craft Animals

Today we’ve released a Learn to Read with ABC Phonics video and to increase the watchablity of the video we’ve also included 26 Awesome Paper Roll Animal ideas that you can make at home.

It’s something a little different from the team at Easy Kids Craft, but we recognize learning is so important for toddlers and young children. And when your child sees something they like in the video, we’ve got you covered with links to our easy to follow step-by-step companion videos.

Yes, that’s 26 Awesome Paper Roll Animal Craft Ideas, you can make at home.

ABC Phonics – Learn to Read

We’ve made learning your ABC’s fun for children with this ABC Phonics video. Not only will your child learn what letters look and phonetically sound like they’ll also be entertained by the paper roll animal adventures for each letter.

Yes, they’ll also learn about different animals from around the world, and some you might not have even heard yourself.

And there’s a good combination of easy 3 letter words and longer more complicated ones to ensure this video is perfect for different levels of learning.

So sit back and relax while your child is being entertained by the video while simultaneously being educated.

And as they reach the next stage of their development, you can actually make each of the paper roll craft animals with them, utilising our easy to follow step-by-step videos, listed below.

26 Awesome Paper Roll Animal Craft Ideas

Yes, we’ve made step-by-step videos for each of these adorable Paper Roll Craft Animals. So when your kids are bored, choose an animal and start crafting.

You can even use the animals as a memory jogger for learning those difficult letters.

Just ensure you reinforce the ABC Phonics sounds during play, as play is the best time for repetitive learning.

Here are the quick links for all the Paper Roll Animals featured in the ABC Phonics video.

ABC Phonics Learn to Read with Paper Roll CraftsA is for Alligator –
B is for Bat –
C is for Cat –
D is for Dog –
E is for Elephant –
F is for Frog –
G is for Giraffe –
H is for Horse –
I is for Iguana –
J is for Jellyfish –
K is for Koala –
L is for Ladybug –
M is for Mouse –
N is for Numbat –
O is for Octopus –
P is for Penguin –
Q is for Quail –
R is for Rabbit –
S is for Snake –
T is for Turkey –
U is for Unicorn –
V is for Vulture –
W is for Whale –
X is for X-Ray Tetra –
Y is for Yak –
Z is for Zebra –

We hope you’ve enjoyed this ABC Phonics video as much as we had fun making it. And it took a very long time to complete, so we’d appreciate you sharing with friends if you enjoyed it.

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Happy Crafting!

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