Spiderman Mask

Learn how to make a Spiderman Mask

Today you’ll learn how to make a SpiderMan Mask. It’s the quick and easy method and your kids will have heaps of fun playing with it.

Of course, they can make it themselves but might need a hand marking and cutting out the eye holes in the paper plate as this can be tricky.

So pre-cutting out the eye holes before you hand over the paper plate for decorating is a smart idea.

An alternative to this idea is to make a black mask with red lines to create the ‘Ultimate Spiderman‘ Mask.

Anyway, let’s get started.

How to Make a Spiderman Mask

How to Make a Spiderman MaskFirst, let’s get everything ready so you can leave the little ones to get busy and avoid all those interruptions.

Skill Level – Med

Time Required – 20 minutes

What you will need

  • Large paper plate [BUY]
  • Red acrylic paint [BUY]
  • White acrylic paint [BUY]
  • Black permanent marker [BUY]
  • Elastic or string
  • Sticky tape

Step 1

First, paint a large paper plate red.

Step 1 - paint plate

Step 2

Next, make a template for your eyes by drawing a circle and cutting it in half. This will give you the perfect shape for your spider eyes. Trace them on your paper plate.

Step 2 - draw eyes

Step 3

Carefully cut out the eyes and paint around the outside in white.

Step 3 - cut out eyes

Step 4

Then using your black marker start drawing your spider web on the front of the paper plate. For more affect around the eyes use your black marker to draw a line on the outside of the white eye.

Step 4 - draw web

Step 5

Now punch a hole on either side of your spiderman mask and tie your elastic on.

Step 5 - add elastic

Step 6

Now your child is ready to play with their very own paper plate spiderman mask which they helped make.

Step 6 - wear mask


Here’s a quick video on how to make an easy spiderman mask

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on How to Make an Easy Spiderman Mask for your kids.  If you have some great variations on this craft idea then please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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