33 AMAZING Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts are one of the cheapest ways to keep your kids busy on the weekends because let’s face it, who doesn’t have plenty of toilet paper rolls hanging around the house. You just need to remind everyone you’re collecting them for some awesome craft ideas.

Toilet Paper Roll CraftsAnd if you’re a little cautious you could always use kitchen paper rolls instead, or even buy them at the craft shop or on Amazon.

In fact, some of our paper roll craft ideas actually require them because it’s much easier to make a long neck for a Giraffe with just one long paper roll.

Also, we found this 12 pack of white paper rolls which would be ideal for pre-school supplies or for bulk projects.

White is usually better than brown for toilet paper roll crafts, as you require less paint to transform them into the paper roll craft idea you’re working on.

Anyway, you’re here for the toilet paper roll crafts so let’s scroll down.

Pssst… I’ve also added ‘How To’ video links to each of the craft ideas so you can totally look like an expert 🙂

Just click on the images to watch the video.

33 AMAZING Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

This Paper Roll Alligator or crocodile is a fun project to make and they look great when you have a few of them to play with.

And to improve the playability you can add some grass and water to your scene.

Alligators are usually scary but the googly eyes on these paper roll alligators make them much more friendly.

These Toilet Paper Roll Penguins are one of my favorite toilet paper roll crafts.

Everyone loves penguins right?

And you can easily make them with or without wings and they still look AMAZING!

In this scene, I used a little styrofoam packing material to create the icebergs which really adds to the playability of these cute toilet paper roll animals.

Pugs are the ‘in’ dog right now, so you can’t go wrong making this Toilet Paper Roll Pug.

It’s super easy to make and if you don’t like Pugs you can change this toilet paper roll craft idea into any dog at all.  But remember to turn the roll on its side if you’re making a sausage dog 🙂

For added playability, I used some mini foam balls and even made a pretend bone that she could fetch.

Is a Koala the most iconic Australian animal or is it a Kangaroo? I couldn’t decide, but I think you’ll agree these Toilet Paper Roll Koalas turned out great.

I especially love the cute little Baby Koala which was made using a half of the paper roll. Then I just scaled everything down.

Extra points for guessing the types of leaves these Koalas are holding? Yes, gum leaves are a Koalas favorite snack.

This Paper Roll Giraffe was created using a kitchen wrap roll instead of toilet paper rolls because we all know giraffes have really long necks.

But you could quite easily just glue two toilet paper rolls together if that’s all you have on hand.

The baby giraffe is actually made from a toilet paper roll, so you can see the difference in scale. Both are very cute and are surprisingly easy to make.

Are these Toilet Paper Roll Ladybirds or are they LadyBugs? Regardless it was fun making them and they turned out great, don’t you think?

As you can see I like to include a baby version of the animal (or insect) when doing toilet paper roll crafts. For some reason they always look cuter.

Maybe I should start with the smaller ones and go even smaller.

To add to the playability you can make some leaves for them to land on. And for a learning aid you could put numbers from 1-10 on the leaves and play guess the number.

The Toilet Roll Jellyfish are great toilet paper roll crafts because they require a number of crafting skills to make.

Cutting, painting and threading are craft skills kids should develop from an early age because once they learn the basics, these skills can be transposed into a number of other craft ideas.

Plus, did I mention these Jellyfish are heaps of fun to play with?

[Scroll to the end for more Toilet Paper Roll Animals…]

Toilet Paper Roll Creatures

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters are the perfect craft for kids that have wild imaginations.

So make sure you have plenty of craft supplies on hand and be prepared to go through a lot of googly eyes because monsters can have plenty of them. Even more than spiders I’ve been told.

And don’t forget to remind your children there are both girl and boy monsters, and not all monsters are bad even if they look scary.

Toliet Paper Roll Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all!

Yes, you do! So here’s a collection of Pokemon craft ideas made from toilet paper rolls. Of course, we have all the fan favorites like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Eevee.

But playing Pokemon is no fun without a Pokeball so we’ve included a tutorial on how to make one of those two.

Just watch the video to see how to make them. Gotta catch ’em all.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are always popular and are super easy to make as toilet paper rolls crafts.

Because once you’ve made one, you just need to change the colors to make the rest.

Cowabunga Dude!

Oh and for added realism, you could also make the unique weapons for each Ninja Turtle, although that’s totally up to you.

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft

If you’re looking for some Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft then let’s start with this Toilet Paper Roll Bat.

These are perfect pre-school crafts for kids, especially for the Halloween holiday season.

And actually look great hanging around the home with all your other Halloween decorations.

But don’t use all your empty toilet rolls because you’ll need them for our other ideas.

If you’re looking for Halloween kids craft ideas then you’ll want to add this Toilet Paper Roll Mummy to your list.

But don’t be alarmed we actually used strips of tissue paper and not toilet paper for the mummy wrappings. Although I guess you could always use toilet paper if you’re in a pinch.

And don’t forget to add the googly eyes, as these really make this craft idea pop.

Black cats and Halloween just seem to work together, don’t they? And these Toilet Paper Roll Cats would look great as a Halloween table decoration.

And because they’re cats you can really go to town on the facial expressions, although I like the surprised cat look the best.

Your kids will love making them, and you can pop one in the window, because that’s the number one place you’ll likely find a cat on Halloween.

These Paper Roll Witches are a perfect complement to the black cats and bats, although witches don’t really exist, do they?

Nonetheless, they make for a popular Halloween costume, second only to the sheet over the head ghost costume idea 😀

So give these a try and for a little something extra try making some broomsticks for them to ride.

As you can see in this video, these Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts look great hanging in a tree, or in a window that is catching the breeze.

They are simple to make and if you don’t have white tissue paper on hand you could always cut some toilet paper into strips.

Tip: Using white toilet rolls will save you plenty of painting time.

How cool are these Toilet Paper Roll Frankensteins?

I really like how they turned out, although there is a little more work than some of the other toilet paper roll crafts.

But never let that stop you from making something amazing with your kids.

These are the last of our Halloween toilet paper roll crafts but we have plenty more Kids Halloween Crafts your kids can enjoy.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Craft

Moving onto Christmas themed toilet paper roll craft we have this adorable Santa.

He takes a little more skill than the other paper roll crafts but I think you’ll agree he’s totally worth it.

And what is Christmas without Santa?

Similarly Reindeer are a popular image we think of around Christmas time and when we’re doing Christmas craft for kids, even if you don’t have reindeers in your country.

And although Rudolph is the most well known of Santa’s reindeer there’s also Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.

This cute Toilet Paper Roll Elf is one of Santa’s helpers and might just be needed to help remind your kids where all those presents come from.

Of course, you could make a few of these cute elves and even create a Santa’s workshop display.

I know a workshop will be a favorite with your kids, especially if they’re making the toys, you’re kids have been asking for 😉

Finally we have the Toilet Paper Roll Snowman. It’s one of our earlier Christmas Craft ideas and is amazingly simple to make.

And if you want to get really adventurous you could also use small buttons, a piece of string and an orange paper cone for the facial features.

Although, I think it looks great with just the hand-drawn face and it’s much easier too.

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Craft

For an Easter theme we have the Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny.

Although this bunny is fairly generic so it could be made anytime of the year.

And because it’s a toilet roll you could also fill it full of small easter eggs as a surprise when your children pick it up on their Easter Egg hunt.

You can even make an Easter Chick out of empty toilet rolls too.

Just grab a bagful of feathers for decorating and then add some googly eyes for added fun.

And the white toilet paper rolls are easier to pain with yellow paint if you are looking for nice bright chicks.

Other Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

I remember making these miniature Toilet Paper Roll Houses as a child, and they look great with tiny fairies.

Of course, with a little imagination you could even turn them into mushroom houses, for a smurf collection.

Or in this case it’s where Shopkins live when they’re having a holiday.

You can even make Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday in your part of the world.

And these Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrims have a special place in the Thanksgiving day story.

So you’ll want to make both.

If you need a kids craft idea for New Years then try these Reusable Party Poppers.

Yes they can be reused time and time again, but you’ll want to have a bag of confetti on hand as that’s something that can’t be easily reused.

And don’t stress the mess. As it’s easily cleaned up with a quick vacuuming.

I made these Paper Roll Flowers as a Mother’s Day craft idea for kids.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than flowers, and it’s even better if they’re hand made.

This craft idea would be ideal for a pre-school classroom project, as there only a few basic steps required.

Toilet Paper Rolls even make a great for a great DIY Desk Organizer.

Just glue as many Toilet Paper Rolls together as you like, but an odd number always looks best.

To save time you could always pre-glue the paper rolls and make the craft all about decorating.

More Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Need more toilet paper roll craft ideas?

Paper Roll Animal Craft for Kids

These are some Paper Roll Animals you’ll find in our ABC Phonics – Learn to Read video, and you’ll also find a few more ideas that we haven’t listed here.

And finally this video, is a collection of some of our best Toilet Paper Roll Craft ideas.  We know you’ll love watching it and so will your kids.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these 40 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for  kids.  If you have some great variations on this craft idea then please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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